Beliveau Farm Winery

Where: 3899 Eakin Farm Rd, Blacksburg, VA 
Tasting Fee: $10 for a tasting of 8 wines
Don’t Miss The: The lookout point, Vidal Blanc, beer garden
Food: There’s a small-fish selection of food, including pizzas and dips

Nestled in the mountains near Blacksburg, Virginia, this was actually my second trip to Beliveau. My first was a few years ago and a bachelorette where we hit on the tasting room attendant for a friend and were not-so-hilariously rejected. Since then, they’ve switched to stemless glasses due to some breakage issues, but the quality of the wine remains just as good.

Another new addition is Beliveau’s brewery. Opened this past September, apparently it’s our fair state’s only gluten-free brewery, if that’s your thing. Along with the Brewery, there’s a lovely beer garden that’s probably awesome if you don’t visit on a rainy day like I did. There’s a decent selection of beers. If you’re coming with friends more accustomed to breweries, they’ll still manage to have a good time here.

But now… onto the wine! After all, this isn’t Becca Drinks Beer. My tasting started with their 2017 Destiny, an award-winning Vidal Blanc. Dry and unoaked, it had some light citrusy flavors to it. It’s the perfect wine to drink in the mountains on a hot summer day. This was followed by their 2015 Mystique, an unoaked Chardonnay with hints of orange zest.

Next up were the semi-sweet and sweet wines, which aren’t my thing, but hey–Southwest Virginia has a thing for growing Niagra grapes. Nonetheless, their sweeter wines are the perfect crowd-pleaser. Between them and the brewery, you have yourself a pretty killer gateway winery for newbies here.

From there, we entered more into my safe zone–dry reds. First up was their 2016 A Capella, naked just the right amount. It’s 39% Cabernet Franc, 39% Merlot, and 22% Chambourcin. The balance pays off–this win is a Governor’s Cup Silver winner. It’s slightly oaked and fruit-forward on the front. Following was the 2016 Soul Singer–all Chambourcin all day. It had plenty of cherry and will please anyone looking for that jammy taste in their reds.

Chambourcin also fittingly ended the tasting, this time served in a semi-sweet port style. Port and I are having a moment right now, and this was no exception. It’s delicious and really the perfect holiday wine. Have it following a Christmas Eve dinner and thank me later.

While the tasting area at Belliveau is lovely, since it also functions as their event space, you really appreciate them when walking around their massive grounds (glass in hand, of course). I was even directed to their overlook–complete with a few tables for any wanderers looking for a bird’s eye view of the vineyards and lavender farm. Between the beer garden, rolling hills, and massive porch, this is easily the type of place you could just wander all day long. I especially appreciated how everything had a bit of character–no cookie cutter McMansion winery here!

Beliveau is an easy 20 minutes from Blacksburg, making it the perfect spot before any Virginia Tech visit. Trust me on this–I’ve made it a regular stop and plan to utilize their bed and breakfast next time I’m in the area. It does have spotty reception, but when you’re on the overlook, you’re high up enough to get some cell service bars back. Gotta appreciate those perks of mountain life.

Note too, that very close is Whitebarrel, who is soon opening their own winery. I’d say make it a winery/brewery double whammy, but who am I to tell you what to do? Just kidding–you should totally do it.


  1. December 22, 2019 / 8:49 pm

    Hey thanks again so much for this stellar review!! I commented on your insta but wanted to check if it’d be okay for us to share this on our page and also use some of these photos for marketing moving forward.Hope to see you soon and cheers!

      December 23, 2019 / 5:48 pm

      Of course! Thank you for the great visit.

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