WTF is Norton?

AKA the grape Missouri totally stole all the credit for.

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Creek’s Edge Winery

Once I took a nap here and it was fabulous.

But you aren’t here for napping stories, you’re one of approximately three readers (Hi Mom!) that I have who are here for winery reviews. Good news, folks–Creeks Edge is a ton of fun.

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Fabbioli Cellars

Fabbioli doesn’t have those panoramic mountain views like some of its Loudon counterparts, but it DOES have a pretty cool octagon building that has plenty of adults-only seating. (This is genius and all wineries should please take note.) Also, it has cats. Sometimes, the cats will sit next to you when you do a tasting and I really can’t emphasize enough how AWESOME it is to have a cat crash your wine tasting. Fabbioli even manages to have ciders and port style wines. There’s something here for everyone.

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