Cheers to MY BIRTHDAY!

Happy weekend, everyone! I’m particularly found of this Friday because it’s also my 30th birthday! Surprisingly, I’m not feeling to old. I’m proud of what I accomplished in my 20’s. I achieved career goals, got married to the love of my life, bought my first car–all that good stuff. All in all, it was a pretty successful decade. With that, I’m excited to see what the next ten years will bring.

Not sure how I can top being thirty, flirty, and thriving, but here are my favorites for the week.

Miracle on 7th Street // DC’s annual holiday pop-up is here! It’s crowded as hell and the drinks are pricey, but it still manages to be a good time. Get there early to avoid waiting in a long line, cold line. If line’s aren’t your thing, you can buy a ticket to skip it on Christmas Eve Eve, with proceeds benefiting the Washington Nationals Dream Foundation.

The Pursuit Wine Bar // The Pursuit Wine Bar just moved to a bigger, very instagram-friendly space over on H-Street. I sincerely appreciate their eye for excellent wine that needs more love. A sparkling rosé from Brazil? They have it! A malbec that pours out completely clear? They gotcha! Combine that with the delicious food (including homemade pasta), and you are in for a good time.

Dancing with the Stars // Look. I have FEELINGS HERE. I have never watched this show before, but got sucked in this season and now I’m in too deep. Like… I might go see the live tour deep. ANYWAY, no matter who you are, I’ve decided that if you need a feel good moment, you should watch this dance. Hannah has been criminally underscored this season and if you agree, please rant with me. She’ll be re-performing this dance on Monday’s finale and I am here for iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit.

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