Cheers to the Weekend #15

This weekend is off to a GREAT start. I just signed off on a great opportunity that will teach me more about the winemaking process in Virginia. I’m not quitting my day job anytime soon, but I think my weekends are about to get a whole lot more interesting! In the meantime, here’s a little somethin’ for your weekend.

Mental Health and The Bachelor // I’ve followed Katie’s Bliss for a while now, and she does a great job of breaking down the stigma of mental health and national television. The bottom line is that mental health should never be thrown around as an insult. To quote Katie, ” So many people who have depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues opt to suffer in silence solely out of fear that they’ll be judged and shamed for their very real diagnoses.” So, please–don’t be that person.

Verde // I’m fascinated by this wine. The latest sure-to-be-popular wine from King Family Vineyards in Afton, this ain’t a Napa Chardonnay. Described as “lightly spritzed” after a steel fermentation, I cannot wait to drink this while sitting on a summer porch and judging people.

Fauquier County People’s Choice Wine Tasting // Fauquier has a ton of great wineries and this is a pretty spectacular showcase to try each of them. At the end, only a few will win the coveted Taster’s Choice Awards. Worried that you’ll have a little too much wine to safely drive home from Fauquier? Don’t worry–Special room rates are available!

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