Cheers to the Weekend #17

We’ve made it! For me, this weekend is a time to use my nearly-expired Groupons. All are wine related because of course they are. Also on the agenda is FINALLY FINISHING MY KITCHEN. I’ve protested painting the last of my cabinets because it is a truly miserable experience. Seriously. Are you thinking about painting your kitchen cabinets? Don’t. It will slowly deplete your soul and murder you from the inside out. But today, this stand off ends. Those cabinets are gonna be my bitch.

But you aren’t here to listen to my kitchen woes. You’re here for fun things in wine. Don’t worry! I have plenty.

March Madness Wine Tastings // My bébé Potomac Point (about 50 minutes south of DC) is doing a pretty cool themed tasting throughout the month of March. You’ll pit wines against each other and vote for the final victor. It’s a great way to put your tasting skills to work and improve how you describe a wine. It’s also a great way to do none of that and just drink/enjoy. Whatever floats your boat.

Pi Day Pie Wars // Closer to Richmond? Do I have the thing for you! In order to celebrate the good ole’ 3.14 day, James River Cellars will have plenty of things for your taste buds. There are pies! There are cookies! There is judgement! There is wine! Head over and check it out.

Blind Tasting Class // I’m really trying to work on my blind tasting skills. It really sounds more intimidating than it is! The best way to improve yourself at blind taste is simple–Practice Practice Practice! Mount Ida Reserve near Charlottesville is here to help you with that practice in a fun, judgement free setting. It’s a steal for the amount of wine you’ll try and you’ll have some experts to guide you!

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