Cheers to the Weekend #3

Halloween is NEXT WEEK and I am extremely excited. Some would say too excited. Once of my favorite things to do is sit on our neighbor’s porch giving out candy while drinking wine. There’s a fabulous man on our street who also gives out adult libations to all the parents escorting their children about. All in all, it’s a pretty terrific time. We’re deciding between a few different wines, but it all depends on the weather. Last year it was sweltering, so we ended up with a rosé from Morais Vineyards!

As we countdown the days until the best day of the year, here’s a round-up of some of my weekly favorite finds.

Mead // I’m hoping for a classic fall week ahead, because there’s nothing better than mead for Halloween. My favorite mead comes from Hill Top Berry Farm and Winery, just off the Nelson 151 trail. Currently on my counter are their pumpkin spiced flavored Hunter’s Moon (basic betch checking in for duty) and their unique smokey Pounding Branch Persimmon Melomel. They even make a paw paw fruit mead!

Candy // Candy + Wine = Happiness. Luckily, many wineries know this and are capitalizing on it well. There are candy and wine pairings this weekend at Little Washington Winery, Paradise Springs, and Fabbioli Cellars, just to name a few. Of course, if you’re in the mood for some handmade truffles, you can always experience one of my very favorite tastings in the world–the Truffle Tasting at 868 Estate Vineyards.

Wine Glassware Isn’t Bullshit // I highly recommend this article by Elizabeth Schneider, author of Wine For Normal People. She did a blind tasting with several different glasses and noticed a remarkable difference in taste. The bad news is, the best glass costs $63 and is incredibly delicate. The good news is, she gives some great more budget-friendly options. Just know, whatever you do, don’t go stemless! (Unless that’s your thing because you should drink what you like how you like it.)

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