Cheers to the Weekend #4

Just like that, another Halloween is behind us. Now, as we approach the end of fall, I have just one request–Can we please get Thanksgiving behind us before we go full Christmas mode? I recently heard someone say that Thanksgiving is the bastard child of Halloween and Christmas. It’s so true. Together, we can change that and give the holiday the sweet justice it deserves.

Now that we’ve moved past what will hopefully be a new love for cornucopias, let’s get to this weekend! Here are a few things I’m looking forward to.

Blanket Making & Wine // If you are like me, you probably really want one of those big ole’ chunky blankets that have been all over Instagram and Pintrest. NOW IS YOUR TIME! Although the blanket making workshop at Bluemont Vineyards is sold out this weekend, it looks like there are plenty of others on the horizon. I craft somewhat often, but most of the time I get frustrated and rage quit. Doing a craft in a public place with wine should help avoid this.

Election Day // Virginia’s General Election Day is this Tuesday, November 5th! Use the link in this post to find your polling place. Local elections like this mean just as much to our quality of life as the major ones. Please make sure to set aside just a few minutes to vote–reward yourself with a glass of wine later!

The Bra That Will Change Your Life // OKAY HEAR ME OUT. I love sweaters during fall, but I really hate that line that you get in them from bra cups. I’ve been on a quest for a better sweater bra for ages and I’ve finally found it!!!! Target is starting to do a thing right now where they are picking up social media famous brands. One of those is True & Co. I finally bought one of their bras to see if it’s worth the hype and ohmygosh. It is. It’s so comfortable and leaves zero lines. Plus, as far as bras go, it’s pretty affordable. I’d apologize for hijacking wine news to talk about bras, but this is my blog so sorry I’m not sorry.


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  1. November 1, 2019 / 6:25 pm

    I always feel so bad for Thanksgiving. I absolutely don’t decorate until the day after!! Now, you’re not alone—I rage quit too. Local elections are probably MORE important than federal because it’s literally about your front and back yard! And maybe I can stop by the polls on my way to target to get new bras. And maybe some wine.

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