Cheers to the Weekend #5

It really seems like this week has flown by yet moved too slowly all at once. I can’t believe that just under a week ago was Halloween but that yesterday, Starbucks holiday cups were launched. Virginia might even get snow next week. #toosoon Before you start buying up all the milk and bread at the grocery store to get you through our first snowstorm, check out some of my favorites this week.

Costco Wine Blog // You may know by know that I’m pretty obsessed with ALDI, but I also have a very soft spot for Costco. How did I not know that there was a wine blog totally dedicated to reviewing their wines? Now I’m armed with knowledge for my next Costco trip… aka today after work I’m going to look for a birthday bottle of Veuve Clincquot in a nifty little ice jacket.

Sparkling Wine Calendar // SPEAKING OF BEING OBSESSED WITH ALDI… This year, Aldi’s calendars sold out in minutes instead of seconds. If you didn’t get to your store at opening, you probably didn’t snag one. Don’t worry though, Aldi has you covered! This year, they are introducing a sparkling wine calendar. Designed for the week leading up to New Years Eve, this calendar gives you seven mini bottles of sparkling wine. Plus, it’s easier on the wallet than the full wine advent calendar, coming in at a cool $25. Cheers!

The Knight Before Christmas // Okay sooooooooooo… I know I keep going on about justice for Thanksgiving and resisting Christmas cheer until a more seasonally appropriate time. With that being said, I cannot resist a terrible Netflix Christmas movie announcement. First we had A Christmas Prince 3 (The first two were so bad yet so good), now we have The Knight Before Christmas. It has everything! Vanessa Hudgens! Time travel! Learning to open your heart! The Night Before Christmas is coming to a living room near you November 21. It’s just one of a host of zany Netflix holiday movie choices. Netflix is the new Hallmark–I’m calling it now.

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  1. November 8, 2019 / 12:53 pm

    So much information packed into this post! I knew about you and ALDI…not the bubbly calendar though. I now need to go to Costco and get a membership? I have one for BJs. I wonder if they also have a blog?

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