Cheers to the Weekend #6

Oh boy, I can’t wait for the weekend to begin. My husband and I are going back to the B&B where we got married for a nice weekend of relaxation and wine tastings (for me)/fishing (for him). This upcoming week is the LAST WEEK OF MY TWENTIES, so it’s time to celebrate in style. Am I freaking out yet? Not quite, but TBD in the days ahead.

With that, here are my favorites for this week.

Wine for Normal People Podcast // How have I never heard of this podcast before? Normally, I just listen to true crime podcasts on my very many drives, but that’s about to change. These podcasts are quick–only about 20 minutes each. However, in that time, they manage to be incredibly informative and entertaining. Their tone is absolutely fantastic. The host, Elizabeth, is clearly a wine genius, but manages to communicate everything in a way that’s easy to absorb.

W Nail Bar // In local-ish, DC area things I love, W Nail Bar has sailed to the top of my list. Its locations are weirdly in the back of DSW shoe warehouses, but don’t let that stop you. Once you walk in, you’re surrounded by an aesthetically pleasing little oasis. It’s incredibly clean, all their self-care products are made in house, and they do killer nail art. Best of all? You can tip on your credit card–normally a huge no-no at salons. Then, post mani, you can buy some shoes. It’s a win/win.

Lighting of the Vines // This is 100% going to sell out, so plan ahead. On December 7th, Bluemont Vineyards is transforming itself into a “Winter Wine-derland.” For $39, you’ll get four tasting tickets, and access to marshmallow roasting, cookie decorating, ornament crafting, and a hot cocoa bar. As the sun sets, you can watch thousands of twinkle lights sparkle over their vines! After the early snow last week, I’m ready for a proper introduction to winter.

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