Cheers to the Weekend Lucky #13

I can’t believe that the holidays are now more than two weeks past us. The weather is currently a little all over the place and it is VERY CONFUSING. One day, there’s snow. The next day, it’s warm enough to wear a sundress. MAKE UP YOUR MIND, VIRGINIA. Apparently, this weekend is one of those days with snow, so I plan to hibernate inside and maybe get some home improvement projects done. After all, my kitchen has been halfway painted for six months now.

Here are this weeks distractions!

Barrel Tastings // Now is the time of year that barrel tastings are starting to be offered, just like the one linked from Narmada Winery. If you’ve never done a barrel tasting before, what the hell are you waiting for? It will give you a fantastic appreciation for the aging process of wine. Because wine is undergoing malolactic fermentation in the barrel, you can expect a slight effervescence to your wine. Personally, I love it, but I’m bias to bubbly.

Second Chance Wineries // I’ve been keeping a list of wineries that I might not have had the best experience at, but would like to give another try. Since we’re still fresh into a new year, now is the perfect time! Sometimes, my negative experiences have been through no fault of the winery itself, just a result of crowds or other circumstances. Sometimes, I just don’t think the wine isn’t my taste. The list isn’t long–maybe four or five total, but I’m looking forward to cross some wineries off! I highly encourage you to also give wineries a second chance to impress you. You might be pleasantly surprised. I did this last year with a winery and was shocked by how much their wine improved from one year to the next!

Transylvania // A friend and I are going to Transylvania together this summer and I’ve become sucked into researching Romanian wines. It looks like a great place to try some lesser known grape varietals AND get our spooky fix on. Do you have experience with Eastern European wine? If so, hit a girl up!

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