Cheers to the Weekend

This Fall has been absolutely crazy and I’m very much looking forward to these next few days to calm down and relax a bit. September through October tends to be my “busy season” and this one has been especially busy. Best time ever to launch a wine blog, am I right? (Hi Mom!)

Anyway, with that, here are some things that made my week that I wanted to share. Maybe they’ll help inspire your weekend a bit.

Harvest Parties // Harvest Parties are going on throughout the month, but technically the big day is October 19th. What the hell is a Harvest Party, you may ask? Basically, they’re a way of celebrating the end of harvest season and the great wine ahead. You can throw your own or explore some of the ones I’ve linked here. Just a head’s up though–the Harvest Parties will mean for busier wineries next weekend. If you’re like me and prefer your vine time to be a bit quieter, check ahead to see if your favorite winery will be participating in the revelry.

Halloween Shenanigans // Look, I LOVE Halloween. I own at least four Halloween themed shirts that I wear year round. Most of them came from Target, who always seems to have the sassiest yet spookiest shirts. Do you need a crop top that says you’re here for the “Boo’s”? Target’s got you. How about a nice little “Happy Hallo-WINE” shirt? Target’s got you!

ALDI Advent Calendars // This may seem unnecessarily far in advance, but success with the ALDI advent calendars requires a bit of planning and early rising since they sell out so quickly. ALDI is especially famous for their wine and cheese calendars, which are designed to pair together this year! Imagine kicking off each day in December with a new wine and cheese to try each evening… This year, the advent calendars will launch on November 6th, which is coming up quickly. There will also be a new Sparkling Wine Calendar launching December 4th that will help you kick off the New Year in budget sparkling style.

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