Creek’s Edge Winery

Where: 41255 Annas Ln, Lovettsville, VA (Quite close to Leesburg)
Tasting Fee: $8 for the Creek Tasting of six wines, $13 for the Stonewall Tasting of eleven wines
Don’t Miss The: Barrel Silo, Vitner’s Blend Reserve, Viognier
Food: Coolers are allowed only in outdoor areas. Inside, there’s a range of dips, burgers, and flat breads.

Once I took a nap here and it was fabulous.

But you aren’t here for napping stories, you’re one of approximately three readers (Hi Mom!) that I have who are here for winery reviews. Good news, folks–Creeks Edge is a ton of fun.

First of all, the place is pretty. There’s a silo. There are multiple arches. There’s a staircase you’ve probably seen on Instagram. If you’re like me and are a total sucker for a gorgeous winery, you’ll immediately have a good time. It’s also easy to get to, just north of Leesburg and not too far of a drive into the countryside.

Once you arrive, you have a choice between two tastings. We went a little crazy and went for their $14 Stonewall tasting. It’s eleven wines and generous pours (full disclosure–this is what led to the nap). Like the lesser expensive $8 tasting also offered, this begins with a sparkling Vidal Blanc and moves through an impressive range of wines. I was particularly fond of the Viognier, which is aged 60% in acadia wood. The Ruby Port is also pretty damn good, though no one was able to explain the salamander logo.

Our server had just started, so while I didn’t get the history behind the wines, she had help from some regulars who gave us more winery recommendations and plenty of background on Creek’s Edge’s own offerings. Outside food isn’t allowed inside the winery, but we took our cooler out on the balcony and went to town on a bunch of cheese and buffalo chicken dip. If you’re less incline to bring your own food, they had a few flatbreads, burgers, and dips on their indoor menu.

It was pretty quiet on a Sunday, which definitely added to my nap ambience, though I could see this place being slammed on a summertime Saturday. Creek’s Edge is also very awesomely open until 8pm or 9pm depending on the day, which makes it a solid last stop on a Loudon winery trek. As a nice fall bonus, it looks like they are starting to incorporate bonfires into their weekend repertoire.

Creek’s Edge is within fifteen minutes of at least five other Leesburg-area wineries, though you could easily kill an afternoon here. In fact, with the pours we got, I would probably recommend this as a one and done kind of place. It’s spitting distance from DC, so hit it up and share your thoughts with me! (But seriously, please do this because I would like to talk to more people about wineries.)

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