Let’s Talk About Middleburg

Tucked away in Northwestern Virginia is an idyllic, very rich little village famous for its fox hunting. (That’s right… FOX HUNTING. It’s that boujee.) But, if fox hunting isn’t your thing, there’s also plenty of wineries.

Middleburg is about 70 minutes from Washington DC and we visited three wineries surrounding it as a day trip–50 West, Greenhill, and Chrysalis. To be honest, it was a little much, and the day felt packed. Many wineries don’t open until 11am or noon, so it can feel tight. To properly do the Middleburg experience, I would recommend settling at one winery for the day, or popping into a smaller one prior to your final spot. Alternatively, Middleburg has no shortage of lodging and plenty of dining options–make it a weekend away!

These are only three wineries of many in the Middleburg area, but I fully plan to get back and do a second part to this. I’m thinking Wineries of Middleburg: Mo’ Middle, Mo’ Problems.

50 West Winery & Vineyard

Where: 39060 John Mosby Highway, Middleburg, Virginia
Tasting Fee: $10 for a tasting of 6 wines
Don’t Miss The: 2017 Chambourcin, Port-style Dusk
Food: There’s a light-fare menu available and outside food is also welcome outdoors and on the patio.

50 West was our first stop. It’s a smaller operation than some of the others, so you can probably plan on it being a good bet if you’re planning on visiting multiple wineries. Their winemaker, Corry Craighill, recently won Winemaker of the Year for Loudoun County. I was particularly impressed with their 2017 Chambourcin–A bottle definitely came home with me! 50 West also has a pretty impressive clubhouse for their members… including what looks like a pool???? I will be monitoring this closely. If a wine club has a pool, it is one of the surest ways to get me to join.

Chrysalis Vineyards

Where: 39025 John Mosby Highway, Middleburg, VA
Tasting Fee: $15 for a tasting of 10 wines
Don’t Miss The: Sparkling Norton (or any Norton there), Viognier
Food: There are some delicious looking pizzas and sandwiches available. Also–lots of cheese! No outside food is allowed.

Wow. I loved this place. It’s absolutely fantastic. First of all, can we talk about the fact that their basement is a CHEESE CAVE? Second of all, they are the largest grower of Norton in the world. This automatically earns them a place in my heart. But Chrysalis takes it one step further and makes sparkling Norton. They really have something for everyone. For every sweet blend made for the casual sipper, there’s a bold, award winning wine for us more pretentious folk.

The modern building is also great, complete with an upstairs area limited to the fully 21 and older crowd. Tastings are plentiful, but efficient, and outdoors on nicer days. By the time we settled down at our picnic table, Chrysalis had already become one of my favorite Northern Virginia vineyards.

Greenhill Winery & Vineyards

Where: 23595 Winery Lane, Middleburg, VA
Tasting Fee: $14 for a tasting of 6 wines
Don’t Miss The: Blanc de Blancs, Philosophy Bordeaux-style blend
Food: Charcuterie platters are available for purchase and outside food is allowed on the patio and lawn.

Look, nothing gets me quite excited like an amazing glass of bubbly. And boy, does Greenhill have a truly awesome Blanc de Blanc. They also have the most quintessential Middleburg-style winery. The tasting room is an impeccably decorated farmhouse, with sprawling lawns and views for miles. Did I mention that they have their own polo team? However, despite all the grandeur, we found Greenhill to be extremely warm and friendly. Our tasting room associate did great with explaining the nuances in Greenhill’s wines, even giving us a sip of their famous bubbly despite it being cruelly left off the tasting menu.

We ended up setting up shop on Greenhill’s lawn, glasses of bubbly in hand, watching the sun set. Let me tell you–if you get the chance to end your day with a Greenhill sunset, do it!

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