Morais Vineyards and Winery

Where: 11409 Marsh Rd, Bealeton, VA
Tasting Fee: $10 for a Classic tasting (white, rosé, red wines), $17 for a Deluxe tasting of all wines & a souvenir wine glass
Don’t Miss The: Port-style wines, Rosé, Touriga
Food: You get a few charcuterie items with your Deluxe tasting, but nothing substantial. Sometimes there are food trucks and you can bring your own cooler. There are plenty of places to sit and set up a spot.

I visit Morais quite a bit, mostly because it’s close, has good wine, and looks flippin’ fabulous. As far as wineries go, this one is also to the close to the top in terms of family-friendliness. They have a huge lawn filled with many playthings, which I tested and determined also fit adults.

The star of Morais though, is the tasting experience. I’ve always done the Deluxe tasting, which runs through all of their wines and ends with a chocolate tasting glass. Morais is a Portuguese style winery, which means you get a bit more unique wines than you typically see in the area as well. I always like to come ready to learn, since they use different grapes and styles than many other area wineries.

We started with their Battlefield–a blend of 50% Vindal Blanc and 50% Alvarinho. It’s made in the style of a Portuguese Vinho Verde, which makes it crisp and refreshing. Next up was the Verdelho, another Portuguese native. It was fruit forward and paired nicely with the salami on our tasting plate. The whites ended with their Savignon Blanc, which they make using 1% residual sugar. Like the Verdelho, it would pair well with something that has a bit of spice.

Following the whites, we tasted my favorite Morais wine, their rosé. It’s easily in my top 5 Virginia rosés. Theirs is made from 100% Cabernet Franc and made through the saigneé method, which is a bit different than your traditional rosé method and creates a bit of a bolder rosé than you’d normally expect. If you’re not a converted rosé lover yet, this would be the one to do it.

Moving through their reds, we tasted an oak-aged Merlot and Cabernet Franc, before being led to more Portuguese wines. Their Comendador is a blend of 40% Cabernet Franc, 40% Merlot, and 20% Touriga. It’s a fruit-forward wine that would be amazing with everything from a barbecue sandwich to a full steak dinner. Next was the full 100% Touriga, which is a medium body wine filled with plenty of spice. My dad (who typically loves the grocery store wine that comes in a jug but is otherwise picky) said this one was his favorite.

Morais has four dessert wines on their Deluxe tasting menu, which is always a good time for anyone with a sweet tooth. There’s a MV Ruby, once again made from full Touriga before being moved through three different barrel types. We tried it both at room temperature and chilled, which ended up giving it two entirely different profiles. Following that, we moved through their Moscatel and Jeropiga dessert wine blends. The star of the tasting though, is the Cherry port-style wine. It is indeed made from 100% cherries and served in the word’s cutest tiny little shot glass. Let me tell you, folks, you haven’t lived until you’ve sipped cherry wine from a chocolate shot glass.

Because Morais looks like a real housewife designed a Portuguese-style winery in Northern Virginia, it’s also a stunning place to sit for a picnic. We brought a huge cooler and easily were able to pass a good bit of time before exploring the grounds. Morais has a ton of spots for the perfect instagram shot, which is great if you’re a millennial woman who just drank two glasses of rosé.

Overall, Morais is a great place to spend a few hours and feel like Portuguese royalty. Don’t we all need that every once in a while?

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