Potomac Point Winery

Where: 275 Decatur Rd, Stafford, VA
Tasting Fee: $7 for a Classic Tasting of 6-8 wines, $12 for a Premier Tasting of 8-11 wines
Don’t Miss The: Richland Reserve Heritage, Abbinato, Sunday Brunch
Food Situation: Outside food is only allowed in picnic settings and can’t be consumed inside or on the patio. Fear not though, Potomac Point has the best food menu out of any winery I’ve ever visited. They have an all day Sunday Brunch, along with substantial and delicious seasonal options on other days of the week.

Potomac Point is my “home” winery and I love them because they consistently put up with my bullshit (Late night e-mails about Game of Thrones, printing custom wine labels for our wedding, my mom and mother-in-law trying to kidnap their banquet manager). I bring so many people here and love seeing their reactions. The place is stunning, the wine is great, and the food did not get photographed for this post because we ate it too quickly.

We always try to take advantage of our free club tastings while visiting, but when going recently decided to pull a #treatyoself and upgrade to the Premier. The Premiere starts with their 2017 Viognier, which somehow manages to be full bodied and refreshing all at the same time. From there, you move to a Chardonnay. Since it is aged in stainless steel rather than oak (typically my preference), it makes for an easy drinking, smooth and crisp Chardonnay.

Potomac Point is also one of the not-so-many wineries that are producing Norton. Norton grapes got their start in Virginia but have only recently begun their comeback. This wine still is young and has the tartness that comes with a younger Norton, though it does have the linger of pepper at the end. I can’t wait to taste this wine next year once it’s had a chance to age a bit and mellow out some of the initial acidity.

From the Norton, you move on to our Potomac Point favorite–the Abbinato. Here’s the thing about the Abbinato. It’s fruity, it’s peppery, it’s even very slightly florally. Their Abbinato is 40% Sangiovese, 25% Chambourcin, 20% Cab Franc, and 15% Tannat. It ends up really being the perfect blend and is priced surprisingly great for a red wine at a local vineyard. We always keep a few bottles at home. I especially recommend it with a nice cheesy pizza. Basically… drink the Abbinato and thank me later.

Their Richland Reserve Heritage 2017 also stands out and it alone is really worth the Premier tasting fee. It has a Gold Virginia Governor’s Cup medal and a Platinum Virginia Wine Classic medal. This wine also reminds me of a bit of a grown up Abbinato. It’s 27% Cab Franc, 27% Tannat, 24% Petit Verdot, 15% Merlot, and 7% Malbec. Aged in French Oak, it gives off a peppery vanilla taste that really makes you appreciate a good wine.

No matter what tasting you do, you will finish off with one of their two dessert wines. Personally, I prefer the Rabelos Reserve, which is aged in bourbon barrels for up to four years. I want a bottle to drink in front of a fire pit with a bunch of s’mores.

But now, let’s talk about the food. If you go to Potomac Point, you really need to order some food. There are a few different spaces to eat, but since it was a beautiful fall day, we parked upstairs on the quieter balcony that overlooks the usually busy bottom courtyard. Our group of four split a bottle (of Abbinato because of course), short rib tacos, a grilled cheese with short rib and red wine reduction, and some of the caramelized brussel sprouts and cauliflower gratin. I was not a cauliflower person before this trip, but I sure am now. It was basically cauliflower mac and cheese but with this tiny bit of tartness that definitely changed my life. We’ve worked our way through several seasons of their changing menu and I have yet to be disappointed.

Overall, Potomac Point is great. It’s a place you can clearly spend a few hours at, which is great, since it’s not necessarily in a place that you can winery hop. Go for their wine, stay for the food and the cute pups that get walked through their tasting room.


  1. Kim
    October 26, 2019 / 1:28 am

    Love your photographer! Also, went to Potomac Point. It is kid friendly even at night! We take Courtland and sit on the couches and often hear live music! Dueling Piano bars for NYE – you in ?

    • Becca
      October 26, 2019 / 12:30 pm

      Yay, thank you because the photographer is me! (Except when it’s of me, then it’s Jimmy or my sister.) We will actually be in New Zealand over New Years! But I’ve heard really great things about dueling pianos.

  2. Cindi Causey
    October 28, 2019 / 9:36 pm

    Thank Becca for “selecting” PPW as your home winery; all the great PR and pictures to boot! People probably think we paid you off or something. I’d Love to meet you sometime! Cindi

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