WTF do I buy these people?

WELCOME TO MY FIRST ANNUAL, HIGHLY ANTICIPATED (BY ME) GIFT GUIDE! Sorry I’m not sorry for the all-caps. I’m highly caffeinated and not here to fuck around. So let’s get to it. I’ve posted this a whole two shopping days before Black Friday and have divided accordingly by how much you like these friends and family that you have to buy stuff for. I actually own several of these things myself, mainly because I have a habit of buying too much stuff.

I barely even know you (Stocking Stuffers)

Wine Boomerang // These are the experts tried and true wine openers. They fit easily in a pocket, work freakishly well, and have a built-in foil remover. Everyone should have these–for your kitchen, for your car glovebox, for your purse… no judgement.

Wine Bottle Sweaters // If you live near an Aldi, you can pick a cute bottle sweater up for less than $3 until 12/4, but if you don’t (I’m so sorry), here’s a link to an equally cute one that’s actually gracing my home right now. Look, we all know someone who has a shit ton of wine bottles hanging around. You might as well make them festive.

Wine Coloring Book // Look, sometimes you need the stress-relief of the youths. All the more better if it can be combined with wine. I know you secretly want to color but feel weird doing it in a book for children. I gotcha.

Eh, you’re okay (Under $20)

Vacuum Wine Seal System // I own this because I’m to cheap for a Corivan (more on what that is that later) and seriously love it. It essentially takes the excess air out of an opened bottle of wine, giving you a bit of extra time to conserve that freshness. There’s something very satisfying about getting that “pop” noise every time I use this and it’s a nice reassurance that no, you don’t have to finish that bottle tonight.

Wine Aerator // This little guy has no filter, so it’s easy to clean. It’s also tiny, so it can travel with you. My bestie got me one of these for my birthday and so far, I am into it. Give one of these to a red wine loving friend.

Shower Wing Glass Holder // I look at this and wonder how I possible survived previously without it in my life. I mean… look at its magnificent. I need it. You need it. We all need it.

Wine Label Savers // These are great for the sentimentalist in your life. We all have those bottles in our lives that were drank on special occasions. Instead of saving the bottles, you can now conserve space and hold onto the labels. Or maybe you just have a really cool bottle label you want to save. No judgement.

You like to read and I like you

Wine Folly // This blog would be nothing without Wine Folly. It’s taught me so much, and for that I’ll always be grateful. But it’s also a great gift. First of all, the book is visually stunning. It looks good on a shelf. The real magic, though, happens when you open it. The book breaks things down in ways that are both entertaining and easily educational. It’s extremely graphic and visual in the way it presents things, making it a quick read.

Wine for Normal People // Having become a large fan of the podcast, I’ve put this book on my own Christmas list this year. This is the more text-heavy of the wine education books listed here, but still manages to sum things up quickly and humorously.

We’re Friends (Under $50)

Bottle Stopper Growing Kit // I’m so tempted to buy these for my husband, since he’s the one with the green thumb. Why not turn those old bottles into something pretty and useful? You can choose from either wildflowers or herbs, but why not both?

Wine & Chocolate Pairing Kit // I thought about including this in the under $20 section, but have come to the conclusion that this needs to be given with the appropriate wine pairings. Give this set to a friend who will loves to entertain, but more importantly, who will share with you.

True Crime & Wine Hoodie // The intersection of women who listen to true crime podcasts and enjoy wine seems to be quite large. Hell, it even includes myself. I recommend ordering one size up in this sweatshirt, as it does tend to run a touch small. Nevertheless, it’s incredibly comfortable and speaks to a bit of truth in all of us.

Riedel Wine Glasses // Look, I might not be one to talk, because my glass collection is all over the place, but a good glass can go a long way. For a budget gift that will help a friend into the gateway of solid glassware, look no further than Riedel for all your needs. Buy for a friend that needs to upgrade from that random stemless tumbler that is left over from the 2011 Fraternity Formal.

Rabbit Automatic Wine Opener // Look, you might not want to buy this for a wine snob. There’s this weird thing above openers and what’s acceptable. But as a casual consumer and owner of this automatic wine opener, I find it to be quite satisfying. It’s rechargeable and holds the charge for a very long time, making it super convenient. There’s also a built-in foil cutter up top. At the end of the day, it’s just plain fun.

Wine Cork State Holder // And just what do you do with all the corks you’re popping? Well folks, I have just the thing for you. Pick your favorite state, (Virginia, obviously) and put those corks to artistic use.

I love you and have disposable income

Coravin System // The Coravin is the gold standard for keeping your wine bottles fresh for extended periods of time. Essentially, what it does is insert a very thin needle into the bottle, which allows you to pour but won’t oxidize the wine. All that doesn’t come without a price, but those I know with this absolutely swear by it.

Wine Fridge // Most of us are either drinking our wine either slightly too warm or slightly too cold. The sweet spot ranges based on wine type, but often ranges between 55 and 65 degrees. Enter the wine fridge to solve all your problems. Don’t you want to drink wine at that perfect temperature and experience the good life?

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