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Wow, this is a busy week! Tomorrow, my husband and I get on our first plane of many towards our honeymoon. We’re flying to New Zealand, so it’s going to be a loooooooong day. SO, due to all this craziness, I didn’t have time to dive deep into a long world of research. Instead, we have some wine trivia facts for your reading pleasure. Sprinkle them into your holiday party conversations and enjoy the ooh’s and aah’s from those around you.

There’s an official name for intense fear of wine–“oenophobia.”

A single grape vine produces about 10 bottles of wine.

Romans would mix lead with their wine in order to add a sweet taste and further preserve it.

Grape Varietals also come from the Romans. They were the first to call different grapes by different names.

Technically, grapes are berries because each individual fruit will form from a separate flower.

The world’s oldest bottle of wine is unopened and can be found in the Historical Museum of the Palatinate located in Speyer, Germany. It’s over 1,600 years old–dating back to 325 A.D.

Hammurabi’s Code had a law regarding wine. More specifically, if you were a fraudulent wine seller, you’d be drowned in a river.

“Toasting” also started in Rome. Ancient Romans would drop a piece of toasted bread into their glasses to held with acidity.

Need more fun facts? Check out my sources for this article!

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